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02 Mar '16

A Primer on Blizzard's Awesome New Heroes of the Storm Toy Line

Posted by Cosmic Toys in Action Figures, Video Games

The Lich King commands you

Looking to start collecting the new Heroes of the Storm action figures?  Well, look no further!

Here’s all of the information we currently have on this exciting new figure line.

Why should you care?

Well let’s see here..  BECAUSE THIS IS A BLIZZARD FAN’S DREAM COME TRUE!   Aside from the World of Warcraft toy line manufactured by DC Unlimited (and since ended in 2012) there really aren’t many good Blizzard figures out there.  Good luck finding the original StarCraft figures.   

Heroes of the Storm (the game) is Blizzard's take on the "MOBA" (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) or "Hero Brawler" genre.  You can think of it like Blizzard’s All-Stars.  The game takes all of Blizzard’s best characters from all of their best properties (Starcraft, Warcraft, Diablo) and brings them together with a unified design aesthetic.  The in-game characters feel like awesome action figures and now they have become awesome action figures!

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