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16 Apr '16

[Star Wars Mega Haul] Box 4

Posted by Cosmic Toys in Action Figures

Alright folks, let's see what treasures await us today.

A bunch of plastic bags?  Ok, my curiosity is piqued.


100 Power of the Force loosies!  Ok, it may not be the most exciting series that Hasbro has done but there is still a lot of very cool figures in here.  All of them are mint, unplayed condition.  Meticulously labeled with all accessories.  

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15 Apr '16

[Star Wars Mega Haul] Box 3 - Wampas, TaunTauns and Mynocks Oh My!

Posted by Cosmic Toys in Action Figures

Here we go.   Already looking promising.   I just can't get over the box condition on this stuff.

Pretty cool stuff here.  Love those Jedi Spirits!

Ok, you have to be a big Star Wars fan to want those two vehicles.  But TaunTauns! Yayy!

Uncle Owen! Nice! Does anyone know if he's been released any other time?  That C-3PO actually looks pretty great too.

Cool stuff here.  Might crack the Mynock Hunt box.  Could take some great photos with my Millenium Falcon.

Unff!  Wampa and Cantina Band?  Yes!  Oh and there's a spitting Jabba too.  Brilliant!

Pretty impressed with Box #4!  You?

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14 Apr '16

[Star Wars Mega Haul] Box the Second!

Posted by Cosmic Toys in Action Figures

Ermagerd!  I decided to open a big box this morning.  My mind is blown, truly.

This OTC stuff is sooo good.   Look at the box quality on these things.


Wow, infant luke and infant leia?!  These are not your run of the mill figs here.  Blow mind.

I believe these Lava Reflection ones were quite limited.

All of the jedi council and separatist council! Kill me!

I'm holding back tears.   Just kidding.. or am I?  I don't even know anymore.

Wow.. talk about obscure.

I am completely blown away by box number 2.   I could stop now and die a happy man but yet there are still 26 boxes to go.

Hold me. 

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