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22 Feb '16

Ranking the Rocky Movies (with Creed!)

Posted by Cosmic Toys in Movie Rankings, Movies

As per my usual system.  I watched all the movies back to pack and applied my rating to each.  No two are allowed to share the same rating!

96 - Rocky 1
The best (especially when you consider time of release in 1976). Very character and story driven and made no attempts to be flashy. This is where all the great characters of the show get established. It's can be slow, and has very little boxing but every little gesture and line of dialogue seems to have purpose.  And of course, that great Rocky soundtrack.

95 - Creed
Director Ryan Coogler somehow took all of the Rocky history and remixed it with a slight twist and made it all feel fresh again. Just the right amount of nostalgia while also creating it's own name for itself.  Very 'meta' when you consider it's the same thing that the main character is trying to do.  This movie took on the name and no one will call it a fraud.

85 - Rocky Balboa
I never get tired of this concept (aging veteran returning to fight and ending things on his own terms). I really like this movie.  Rocky delivered a fantastic speech to his son.  I'm very happy Stallone made this film and got a chance to get rid of some of that "stuff in the basement" much like his character. 

76 - Rocky III
You k'now, I liked this one a bit more than I remembered.  I had anticipated it being underneath Rocky II but I think I preferred it. The Hulk "Thunderlips" Hogan stuff wasn't great but the training with Apollo was quite fun to watch.  Rocky is baller rich in this one after winning 10 or 11 title fight defences after beating Creed in Rocky 2.  

But wow, does Stallone ever look different in this one.  He's ridiculously skinny/cutand his face looks completely different.  He looks a bit too skinny to be a heavyweight but they list him at 191 lbs which would be the bare minimum.  In actuality, he's probably more like 180lbs or less. Mr. T was decent as the villain though very one dimensional. Enjoyed it!

75 - Rocky IV
Very difficult one to rate... Ivan Drago is certainly iconic and one of the most memorable characters but the movie still isn't fantastic. It's very close to Rocky III so its tough to say which one is better.  The final fight was quite good if you can get past how incredibly unrealistic it was.

72 - Rocky II
The sequel definitely took a step down.  It doesn't have the same great soundtrack. It's slower than the first one but unlike the first, it doesn't really reward you with a great payoff.  The fighting in the first one was unrealistic but this one takes it to a whole new level as Rocky literally does not block a single punch in his 15 round rematch with Creed. Every single punch is a direct hit to the face.  Stallone himself handled the fight choreography so that's on him. I still give this a 72 though because it's Rocky and it does have it's moments such as Rocky proposing to a Adrian.  "I was wondering if you wouldn't mind marrying me very much?"

67 - Rocky V
This is the worst reviewed Rocky and the only one to lose money at the box office. I learned sadly that Rocky's son was played by his own son (Sage Stallone) who later died when he was 36 so that's pretty sad.  Also the boxer "Tommy Gunn" died at 44 from AIDS.  The movie has it's moments but it does feel a little "made for tv". Some of the acting is pretty bad.. particularly from Tommy Gunn. And you only get a street fight at the end between Rocky/Tommy.

Agree/Disagree?  Anyone have the Rocky figures from NECA toys?

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