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24 Feb '16

FIGHT! Spider-Man Vs. Luke Skywalker

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Luke Skywalker



5'7" / 169 lbs 5'10 / 167 lbs


Lightsaber, Force Power Super speed, super agility, webbing, spidey-sense


Jedi (post ROTJ) 616 Universe Peter Parker


Battle location:  

Desolate and neutral battle ground with some ground artifacts and limited (but available) swinging opportunities.

Photo 1:  Spider-Man connects with some webbing and swings in to engage.

Photo 2:  Close combat.  One touch from the lightsaber could be fatal.

Photo 3:  Spider-Man's superior strength drops Luke to the ground.

Photo 4:  Agility! Speed!  Kick to the chops!

Photo 5:  Without his lightsaber, does Luke have anything left to give?

Photo 6:  Of course he does.  Luke has a lot of heart.  He won't give up so easily, and he's not afraid.

Photo 7:  Dropped again.  Is it all over?

Photo 8:  Nope.  Spirit Ben taught him a new trick.

Photo 9:  Spider-Man is shocked!  But like Spider-Man, Luke is hesitant to deliver the death blow.

Photo 10:  More webbing!

Photo 11:  I can't tell, did the lightsaber go through or is it behind him?  Time to vote!


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