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20 Feb '16

FIGHT! Marvel's The Thing vs Star Wars Rancor

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The Thing


16'4" / 3600 lbs 6'0 / 500 lbs


Powerful teeth, claws Rock like skin, Super strength


Battle location:  

Desolate and neutral battle ground

Photo 1:  Rancor uses his weight advantage to pin his prey and rain down a crushing blow.


Photo 2: The Thing escapes and uses super strength to achieve a dominant position. 

Photo 3: He's pretty agile for a 500 lb rock.   The Thing deftly gets behind the Rancor's head and begins landing cruel neck punches.

Photo 4: Well placed kick to the maw.  Not looking so good for Rancor here...

Photo 5:  Even with rock skin, this crushing grip leaves The Thing breathless.

Photo 6:  Rancor attempts to rip The Thing apart.  But can you get blood from a stone?

Photo 7:  The Thing uses brute force to try and rip off Rancor's lower jaw but he must fight against Rancor's incredible bite strength.

Photo 8: The Thing's super stamina kicks in.  Rancor looking exhausted.

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