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02 May '16

Featured Customer: James from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Name: James

Location:  Toronto, ON, Canada

Age: 30

Years Collecting: 21

Approximate # of Star Wars toys: 1,044 (Editor's Note: Seems pretty exact!)

Favourite Piece (and why):
Tie between Millenium Falcon (The Legacy Collection) and Exar Kun (The Legacy Collection). 

MF: I spent 2 years trying to track down a complete Falcon to add to my collection. In that time I was chirped endlessly by my friends for having an incomplete Star Wars collection, because honestly, what Star Wars collection does not have a Falcon? In my opinion, this is by far the best Falcon ever made and easily dwarfs everything else in my collection  due to its size. 
EK: Collecting the bad guys was what got me into collecting Star Wars toys, whether they be Vader, stormtroopers, ot the bounty hunters. Overtime this grew to collecting all the Sith figures produced. This eventually led me to the most expensive modern sith figure, Exar Kun. And what a cool figure: detailed face markings, pauldrons, soft goods cape, and a double-bladed blue lightsaber! After finally tracking this figure down, my Sith collection was complete... until new Sith figures came out of course
Rank the movies: ESB > TFA > ANH > RotJ = RotS > AotC > TPM
Items you still want: 
Jawa with KPR Security Droid (The Legacy Collection), since it has the only droid I am missing from the Jawa sale lineup!
And now what you've all came to see... the glorious, glorious photos of his collection!!


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Great collection. have some wish i could find myself

Posted by Mark on May 02, 2016

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