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17 Apr '16

[Star Wars Mega Haul] Box 5 OH MY

Posted by Cosmic Toys in Action Figures

Going to be a good one I can see!

Wow, wow, wow, Mustafar playset?  So cool.

Figran D'an Packaged!  Yes!

Holy crap!  This thing is huge.  Super cool.

I'm actually a fan of the prequels.   Especially from a design standpoint.  I love this stuff.

Geonosis Playset!

And a giant Endor AT-AT.   I must say, mind is blown again on this box.

Your thoughts? Still 23 boxes to go!

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Yep. It’s for sale under Star Wars Playsets

Posted by Jeff on April 20, 2016

Hi is the geanosis arena still available

Posted by Dominic on April 17, 2016

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