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14 Apr '16

[Star Wars Mega Haul] Box the Second!

Posted by Cosmic Toys in Action Figures

Ermagerd!  I decided to open a big box this morning.  My mind is blown, truly.

This OTC stuff is sooo good.   Look at the box quality on these things.


Wow, infant luke and infant leia?!  These are not your run of the mill figs here.  Blow mind.

I believe these Lava Reflection ones were quite limited.

All of the jedi council and separatist council! Kill me!

I'm holding back tears.   Just kidding.. or am I?  I don't even know anymore.

Wow.. talk about obscure.

I am completely blown away by box number 2.   I could stop now and die a happy man but yet there are still 26 boxes to go.

Hold me. 

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